Bio Packaging commitment

ActiveQuinoa responsibly chooses the source of raw materials that go into our packaging

“The Problem of Marine Plastic Pollution.”


Food containers and packaging are the largest component of the municipal solid waste stream (80 million tons or 31.7 %). These items, together with plastic bags, also represent the largest component of marine debris (that is, barring items less than 5mm such as pre-production plastic pellets, fragments, and polystyrene pieces).

“Every day, we take action to improve food quality, the useof  0% Pesticide and packaging that is environmentally friendly.”

What´s the QR code BioScore?

The Qr BioScore code developed by ActiveQuinoa summarizes in a simple way the composition of the materials used in their products.

BioScore aims to be a packaging identification system with a greater ecological composition. The score obtained by each product is translated into a scale or color indicator, the green color (letter A) indicating the highest environmental quality, and the red color (letter E) being the worst quality for our planet.

The QR code Bioscore aims to take into account the company’s responsibility in the use of more biodegradable or recyclable materials and help the consumer to get to know the impact of their purchase.

Paper FSC certified
Recyclable plastic

How does BioScore work?

An algorithm is used to calculate the BioScore of a product, which considers the quantities of recycled, recyclable raw material and the certified origin of the raw materials used

Selecting raw material

ActiveQuinoa´s Packaging contains 52% paper FSC certified, 10% recyclable plastic and 38% metal”

  • Label – FSC Certified
  • Paper board- FSC Certified
  • Metal – Recyclable
  • Plastic – Recyclable

The paper tubes are made according our quality system and product safety.Traceability of the raw material used in the production, always providing the hygienic requirements.

DON’T THROW ME AWAY! – Circle economy

“the linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model of consumption means that products get manufactured, bought, used once or twice for the purpose they were made, and then thrown away. Most packaging rarely gets a second use. As a consumer goods company, we’re acutely aware of the causes and consequences of this linear model. And we want to change it..”

Make:  Transparency:

Ecodesign on packaging, Follow our QR code for further information about the biodegradability of materials used



Reduce waste generation, by reusing containers as food containers or use in our homes


Our belief in reducing the negative environmental impact of packaging is a pillar of priority within our company. We promote the multipurpose reuse of our packaging in its original form.

Reuse the little fella:

  • Keep your coffee, tea bags,  sugar or rice  neatly stowed inside me
  • Let me help you keep  your pencils  neat and tidy
  • Save your pennies. I make the perfect piggy bank.
  • Stack me up to make a neat little garage for your toy cars.

Reuse and refill them with any other food

“Our responsibility does not end when we sell one of our products. Reducing the impact of our packaging is a priority pillar of our company but it is also driving the increase in recycling rates and new forms of packaging uses.”
Our packaging can be used up to 2 years
The Packaging has to meet hygienic health requirements to exclude the possibility of a health hazard to the end consumer. The aim is to achieve this by means of regular hygiene checks, avoidance of contamination and prevention of contact with hazardous substances.

We are making solid commitments

to increasing the availability of Bio packaging and using local supply chains